What’s the problem no one
is talking about?

Modern buildings are more thoroughly engineered than ever before, meeting today’s expectations of function, technology and comfort with constantly improved methods and materials.

Yet for all we’ve gained, are we better off?

Historic structures, while lacking today’s advances, embody a level of craftsmanship
and care in their design and construction you can feel even from viewing a photograph.
The problem is that we no longer expect craftsmanship in our everyday purchases.
Objects are designed to a low price, but they cannot be crafted to a low price
without serious trade-offs. When we tire of something, we simply throw it out.
If we stop valuing – and buying – craftsmanship, we stand to lose the very idea
that making something with care and expertise is worthwhile.
It’s what distinguishes the work of craftsmen. We believe that with craftsmanship
comes meaningful work. A disposable mentality threatens our proud history as
manufacturers: who we are as designers, as builders and as craftsmen.
Here at Shield, building is in our DNA. With a passion for creating highly
crafted, beautiful solid surface products and an insatiable curiosity
to create better widgets, this is just our beginning.

Shield is not just a product. We are changing the expectation of manufacturing in America. It’s more than making a better box; we are
manufacturing inspiration.

Don’t just take our manifesto’s word for it. See how we’re working to change the industry: