Why Shield

Manufacturers who think like designers

We’re fabricators who care as much about the design of our products as you do. We’ll never cut corners or gloss over a detail. It’s also why we’re committed to building elegant, smart products from solid surface. Not only do we approach what we build differently, we also believe in transparency in all areas of our business. We believe in collaborative design, a modern approach to manufacturing and transparency through the process.

The problem? It’s frustrating that casework isn’t customizable
Flexibility in product design and manufacturing has risen steadily since the days of Henry Ford’s Model T, when consumers could pick any color — as long as it was black. Today, we expect options.
So we get why it’s frustrating that you can’t buy a couch a couple inches wider or a stool a few inches shorter. Sure, no one is complaining about mass manufacturing’s price advantage, but churning out optionless widgets can’t be the best we can do.
Shield began using digital fabrication and rapid prototyping to deliver mass-customized solutions for our clients. Everything is designed from the ground up to be customizable, from product engineering to our flexible manufacturing process. It sounds simple, but we’re making a cabinet line that is scalable in a way that isn’t seen in a modular product.
We don’t care how wide or tall you want our cabinets to be. We build a better box, and if you want it 22.5” x 32.25,” we believe that shouldn’t cost you more than standard sizes.
Building is our DNA, which is why Shield is unlike any other product.Our patented design and process pairs LG HI-MACS solid surface material with designed, durable finishes that deliver exceptional performance. Shield solid surface cabinets and custom products are custom-engineered from the ground up and hand-crafted using carefully selected materials and components. Every piece we build lasts a lifetime.
Embedded metal inserts exploded

Embedded inserts

Patented embedded metal inserts secure our hardware, providing nearly indestructible metal-to-metal connections.

The Curve: How Shield does it better is by adding radius corners, building completely from solid surface and utilizing embedded metal inserts.

Radius corners

Radius interior corners available on the Curve line form completely cleanable edges that prevent contamination from residue buildup.

The importance of high-quality medical casework cannot be overstated. Even though cabinets primarily serve as storage space for healthcare equipment, they play a grand role in successful healthcare practices.

Soft-close hardware

Standard with Shield Casework, soft-closing glides and hinges utilize a primary pneumatic mechanism to softly shut our drawers and doors.

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