The Shield Promise

When you choose Shield, you get our promise

At Shield, we believe in inspired design, unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional precision. We bring time-honored values to a modern-day business. America used to be known for its manufacturing, and we’re glad to take part in the renaissance of this legacy.

The care that goes into our work means we live in the details of every drawing, every cut and every finish stroke. We stake our reputation on our craftsmanship. This commitment to producing the best products on the market shapes our unmatched, industry-leading lifetime warranty.

The Shield Promise is our commitment to you, manufacturer to designer, client, owner, partner. When you choose Shield, you get our promise to you that:

We’re faster than anyone

The beauty of the new manufacturing revolution is that technology advances allow us to make and ship things faster than ever with more precision, from flat pack crating to prefabricated products.

Read how we delivered mass customization to UCSD
Shield Casework's Canopy headwall, created for the UCSD Jacobs Medical Center and winner of multiple design prizes, is the perfect way to cleanly integrate technology for a calming but sound atmosphere.

You can have it how you want it

The rise 3D printing makes us all ask why can’t we each have it exactly how we want it. Mass customization is here to stay.

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Our prices are always transparent

We’re not here to hide things, or play games. Our price doesn’t vary by the day of the week or the particular distributor you happen to meet. It’s solid, standard and ready for you to view at any time.

Discover the Shield difference
There are a number of reasons B2B companies should publish prices on their websites. Here are just 5.
The importance of high-quality medical casework cannot be overstated. Even though cabinets primarily serve as storage space for healthcare equipment, they play a grand role in successful healthcare practices.

You own the reinvented, 100-year cabinet

If you want something cheap that will last a couple of years, we’re not for you. That model is just not how we want to build. We’re resurrecting the concept of heirloom with our durable, long-lasting work that looks amazing for a lifetime.

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