About This Project


New in 2014, the Wedge merges the warmth of natural hardwoods with Shield’s characteristic solid surface design. No two cabinets installations are alike: this modular cabinet line is easily tailored to a variety of space through hardwood selection and corresponding solid surface colors.

Truly optimized to fit any space, the Wedge offers the design flexibility of warm woodtones with the unmatched quality of Shield’s solid surface cabinets

Starting at $449 per linear foot

  • Signature solid surface frame and door
  • Melamine shelves, drawers and back
  • Embedded metal-on-metal connections
  • 8 solid surface color options
  • Endless designs: pick a hardwood/laminate door

Wood finish options
Endless design options are open to you if you choose our Wedge line of solid surface casework. The pictures below show a few ideas of hardwood and laminate doors you could pair with the solid surface frame.


If you’re interested in the Wedge, contact our team to begin the planning process.